How to have a strong Personality?

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How to have a strong Personality?

How to have a strong Personality

Everyone of us desires to have a strong personality, but it is not difficult anymore.
Here we will talk about on how you can have a behave, act, live and maintain a strong personality.

Personality does not mean that you should have looks:-
Personality represents the people how you are. It is not just looks that are important and that define who you are.
The personality of an individual is determined by his/her appearance, behavior, attitude, education, values and some more
varying characteristics. Personality defines who you are and how you respond to various situations.
It is essential to focus on the personality, which matters the most.

Dress up well – It is very important that we dress up for the occasion.
Wearing a proper dress code, the right accessories, and color combination makes someone not only look good,
but it reflects the hidden personality.

Office etiquetes:- It matters alot how you behave with your colleagues and boss. Welcoming everyone with a warm smile and greeting them, the moment you enter the office. Adhering to your meetings, speaking at the right time, always doing your homework, building the confidence, accepting your mistake and acknowleging others.
Always, try to aviod negativity, bitching and demotivating situations. When you are working under someone, it is as important to accept the culture and put the best in it, rather than suggesting some negative to bring it down.
Dress for Offices:- Office dressing up should be very simple and try to avoid casuals. Torn jeans, round neck tshirt, quarter pants, spaggeti, etc. should be avoided. Even sharp colors and shinning materials should be avoided at work place.

Etiquettes for parties:- Wear proper dress code according to the theme of the party. If it is a cocktail party, make sure that you do not drink too much and go out of control. If it is an office party, you might have to face your colleagues at work and won’t like people back bitching about you.
Behaving with your women colleagues:- It is important that we respect, the female colleagues, and this shows how humble and gentleman you are. Areal man is always judged on how he behaves with woman and how much respects he gets in return.
Competing with your collegues:- Competition is good, however if one is competing to bring someone down, that looks bad upon the oneself.
There should be always a healthy competion and should have an attitude of working together.
Following are some of the Personality Development Tips

Each person is unique:-
Remember that each individual is different and has his/ her unique characteristics and qualities. Comparing yourself to others around only increases the distress, especially when you start focusing on where you are lacking compared to others. It is important that you channelize your energy towards your positive traits.
So never imitate anyone. Be the one which you are in actual and never pretend.

Learn social skills:-
Only good-looking will never be sufficient to take you forward in life or help you in your relationships with people. Instead, hone your social skills.
The more success one has in social spheres of life, the better you would feel about yourself. Try to make use of positive gestures while interacting with others and watch out for your body language too.
Do not avoid social interactions:-
Just because you feel you aren’t good-looking, do not avoid meeting people. Look for opportunities, go to different events, participate in social gatherings and be proactive. The more you eschew social interaction, the worse you would feel about yourself. I would suggest you be gregarious. This is also one of the promising personality development tips.

Know your positives:-
If every individual has his or her limitations, then he or she also has positives. These positive are what you need to concentrate on. Know your strengths. Acknowledge them and work with them. It would definitely help you to overcome your challenges and take you into a long run.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone:-
Be prepared to challenge yourself by learning new skills. For most people it’s a huge learning curve to start an online business, so you must have a very positive, open-minded attitude and embrace any changes you need to make.

Don’t Fear Failure:-
Don’t worry about making mistakes, you will make loads in your journey and a lot of them may hold you back for a while, but once you’ve made them, these methods can be eliminated and you can move on.

Make Yourself Known:-
Brand yourself in all your communications. Whatever content you put out there is a slice of your personality, so make sure it shows you in a positive light. It’s you’re trying to sell to other people, so the more personal the message the better.

Come Across As A Leader:
Whatever you learn and however little you know, use it well. Become an authority on whatever topic you tackle, then you have the knowledge to pass it on to others and if you put your message across in the right way, you will attract followers. Express yourself and always do, what you say.

Effort And Consistency:-
This is linked to your daily plan but is crucial. Marketing your business every day with relevant and sustained effort is much better than huge bursts of activity once a month. Effort and regularity will win the day every time.

ROCKY IV, Sylvester Stallone, 1985, © MGM / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Don’t Give Up:-
I know this sounds like an obvious one to end on, but there are loads of people who literally could have made it through with only a few more weeks or months of effort. They had done everything right apart from seeing it through to success and it was just that final bit of belief that prevented them. Be funny & don’t be serious always:-
No one likes boring and serious people. Everyone enjoys the company of someone who makes them laugh. Do not beat around the bush just to make others laugh. Try to add fun while having the conversation, others will naturally be attracted to you.

Top tips at a glance
Keep a smart head and keep cool.
Don’t Copy anyone.
Create your own personal style
Don’t doubt yourself
Be An Active Listener
Learn to have patience and focus on your communication skills. Be polite and gentle with your words.
Be executive in dress
Don’t shout or be aggressive.
Be more passionate about your work and be optimistic.
Accept And Recognize Your Weak Points
Learn to appreciate others. It helps the same qualities to be grown in us too and.

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